About Us


Becomo Art Centre


Becomo Art Center is located in Soweto, Kliptown. Our objective is to assist and serve as a platform for the Sowetan Youth to participate and get educated in the field of art and related crafts. We offer free training to those that are willing to learn and keep their end of the bargain, at the end of that training our students are equipped with new skills and knowledge that in most cases spark a renewed interest in the arts field and leads them to pursue and explore different avenues within this very exciting and profitable field.


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Meet Our Leaders

Ginger Mahlamvu

Operations Manager

Ginger has been with Becomo Art Centre for a very long time and has mastered most of the skills taught here, he is a professional photographer, does screen printing and many other skills that he shares with our students.

Mpume Matome

General Manager

Mpume is incharge of all day-to-day running of Becomo Art Centre, this includes registration of new students that want to learn new skills that will help them become employable and skilled in order to make a living for themselves. All students and operations supervisors report to Mpume and she is tasked with making sure that the centre is run smoothly.

Dr. Oupa Morare


Dr. Morare is the head of Becomo Art Centre. He takes the ultimate responsibility of the organisation. He is a qualified medical doctor and also an Art consultant, apart from his qualification as a medical doctor from MEDUNSA, he has also studied with UNISA towards Art History.